Welcome To Dongmakgol


In the middle of the Korean war, displaced soldiers from both the communist North and the American-protected South (along with a US pilot) wind up in a remote mountain village where the locals seem to have no idea there’s a conflict going on. They don’t even know what guns are...

Kwan-Hyun Park’s dreamy movie mixes Saving Private Ryan and Catch-22 with the lyrical comic oddity of a Studio Ghibli toon to cook up an enchanting concoction. Is there something magical about the villagers or are they as innocent and lovable as they appear? If it revels too much in its peculiar sweetness before answers are finally revealed, it’s a flaw you’re willing to forgive.

The extras are slight – heavy on the video diary and light on nuts-and-bolts explanation, while the featurettes are far too vague – but who cares? The film itself more than makes up for such slimline packaging.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 26th 2007

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