What Happens In Vegas


This amiable-enough battle-of-the-sexes romcom sees uptight high-flier Joy (Cameron Diaz) and recently fired slacker Jack (Ashton Kutcher) sentenced to six months’ ‘hard marriage’ after a drunken Vegas wedding and a big win on the slot machines, which they both want a cut of. The plot would have probably done for Doris Day and Rock Hudson in their day, but fun-loving duo Diaz and Kutcher are so obviously cut from the same extreme-sportswear cloth that their chemistry plays more like MTV co-presenters than sparring lovers. You’ll need to skip to the extras for the real sparks. Diaz and Kutcher in conversation on dating etiquette is mildly amusing and there’s a decent skit from supporting actor Rob Corddry. But the big revelation is little-known stand-up Zach Galifianakis. He’s barely in the film, which is a major shame judging by his hilariously anarchic interview with Starter For 10 Brit-director Tom Vaughn.

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