What Have I Done To Deserve This?


Pedro Almodóvar's fourth feature and the first to bring the Spanish filmmaker international success, What Have I Done To Deserve This? stars Carmen Maura as a downtrodden, amphetamine-addicted cleaning lady, struggling to cope with her boorish taxi-driver husband, her two sons and her eccentric mother-in-law.

The plotting is pleasurably bizarre - murder by hambone, a girl with kinetic powers, the forgery of letters supposedly written by Hitler - but this is actually one of Almodóvar's least visually flamboyant films. The naturalistic setting is a particularly grim Madrid housing estate in winter and the mood of black comedy doesn't obscure us from the numerous injustices suffered by Maura's oppressed character.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 4th 2004

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