When Will I Be Loved


Public Service Announcement: this preposterous and wholly unsexy movie begins and ends with Neve Campbell naked in the shower. There’s not a lot else, although you also see her getting friendly with a lithe blonde and snogging an old man. Plus there’s some sub-Indecent Proposal tosh involving her hustler boyfriend and an aristocrat. Full of oversaturated colours and embarrassing cameos (erm, Mike Tyson?) and set to a soundtrack not unlike a chimpanzee maniacally mixing Brahms with Jay-Z, this is a film on some serious medication.

In his commentary, director James Toback admits (between prolonged pants at Neve) to spending 12 days shooting and eight months in the editing suite. What was he doing there? A lot of polishing, presumably. Meanwhile, the Scene Sexplorations are as skin-crawling as they sound, as the director and star analyse shots of Campbell’s wet arse. It’d be hilarious if it didn’t give you such an urge to wash...

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 20th 2006

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