WMD: Weapons Of Mass Deception


“I’m warring with the reporting of war,” states self-proclaimed “media dissector” Danny Schechter in this crusading documentary, fixing the complacent newshounds who made like lapdogs when Bush’n’co mounted Operation Iraqi Freedom firmly in their crosshairs. First they swallowed the WMD spin, then they regurgitated the invasion as jingoistic, sensationalistic “militainment”. The way Schechter sees it, the Pentagon used the press to package the war like Pepsi.

As valid and persuasive as these claims are, though, you can’t help thinking, “Well, duh!” Our TV veteran host’s exposé ranges wide, but there’s little to be shocked and awed by in the wake of countless critiques like Outfoxed, Uncovered or Fahrenheit 9/11. Schechter’s an affable presence, but he doesn’t have Michael Moore’s cine-savvy and, bar an Apocalypse Now pastiche, the format’s as frill-free as the trailer-only disc.


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 11th 2006

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