Year Of The Dragon


Stanley White (Mickey Rourke) is a hard-bitten New York cop, estranged from his wife. His social skills aren't too great and his methods are unorthodox. But he gets results. And so on...

Rourke strolls through this xenophobic, Oliver Stone-written ramble on grizzled autopilot, while the overcooked plot - - inter-gang Triad warfare in Chinatown - - is quickly smothered by a murk of '80s clichés (open-plan apartment, superslick career girl crying out for a bit of rough, too-loud, farty synth-music...). There is one surprise, though: how Deer Hunter director Michael Cimino fumbles his action direction, with poorly timed snap-cuts and sloppy gunplay editing.

A classic example of a film you loved as a teenager turning out to be shite, Year Of The Dragon has aged appallingly. There is, in fact, only two reasons to buy it: one, the snigger-worthy dialogue (""The guy's got an ego like a fuckin' octopus!""); two, nostalgia.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2004

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