You Don't Mess With The Zohan


Adam Sandler returns to the appealingly silly

Judging by Adam Sandler’s latest goof-a-thon, all that Palestinians and Israelis need to do to live in harmony is move to New York and get blue-collar jobs.

Hard to swallow? Uh-huh. Hard to enjoy? Thankfully not. Co-written by mirth mogul (and former roommate) Judd Apatow, this vehicle flaunts Sandler’s most appealingly silly character since Happy Gilmore: Zohan Dvir, an ex-Mossad superweapon turned “silky-smooth” hair stylist who loves disco, hummus and servicing all his female clientele’s needs.

Though buffed-up, Sandler is aided by some 15 stand-ins as he runs, swims, fights, dances and vies for the heart of his Palestinian salon boss (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

If you can overlook the excessive stereotyping, even Rob Schneider is amusing. No, really. Two chat-tracks and a bunch of tightly shorn featurettes pad out the package.

Richard Matthews

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