You, Me And Dupree


The irony of this three’s-a-crowd comedy is that it rests entirely on its slacker hero’s responsibility-shirking shoulders. Crashing the lives of newlyweds Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson, Randy Dupree is a classic Owen Wilson character: spacey, spontaneous, slightly irritating but somehow irresistible. Trouble is, the rest of the movie just can’t keep up. Sibling directors Anthony and Joe Russo have traded in the indie idiosyncrasies of Welcome To Collinwood for a sitcom-ready scenario that doesn’t offer enough risks or twists to justify its length (paging Hollywood: films like this should be 90 minutes, tops).

What’s more, where there’s a Wilson, there’s a laugh; otherwise, we’re left with non-starter schtick like Dillon’s ball-busting battles with in-law Michael Douglas. Good job, then, that the man-child of the hour is on his game, whether casually charming Hudson or clogging up the john. While we’re talking toilet, how come none of the Region 1 extras made it across the pond?


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