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Heralding the return of Little Miss Sunshine directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, Ruby Sparks is a sprightly romantic drama from first-time writer Zoe Kazan.

Paul Dano stars as Calvin, a young author struggling to complete his second novel. That is until he creates the character Ruby Sparks, his dream girlfriend. Suddenly Calvin can’t stop writing.

But then one day he returns home to find that Ruby (Kazan) has somehow crossed the divide and materialised as a real person.

Six years after they took Little Miss Sunshine all the way to the Oscars, Faris and Dayton seem to have another gorgeously-shot hit on their hands.

The trailer for Ruby Sparks alone is a beautiful, feather-light masterpiece that’s a good indication of the film’s thoughtful, playful tone.

No doubt it will also put Kazan on the road to superstardom - she's already shooting The F Word with Daniel Radcliffe.

Ruby Sparks opens in cinemas on 12 October 2012. Will you be checking it out? Tell us below.

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
October 12th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
February 11th 2013

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