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Saw V


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Jigsaw might be dead, but his games are far from over, with a new killer continuing his legacy...

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October 24th 2008

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    • wolfgirl

      Nov 20th 2008, 14:21

      I left the cinema feeling a little conflicted about this film. Although there are some interesting traps in it (wait for how Strahm deals with being in the glass head box trap), some really good settings and, I feel, the most interesting ending since the first installment, Saw V may well be the weakest film in the series (I have trouble deciding whether the weakest is Saw IV or Saw V). The acting is pretty wooden, especially in the case of Strahm's acting (playing the conventional tough vendetta guy, complete with hoarse throat) and Hoffman's cheesy smug smirks throughout. What also dissatisfied me was the fact that, once placed in context with the other films (I'll give the link for the Saw timeline later), we didn't progress anywhere plot-wise and were just left with a load of flash backs. And, if you were confused with the Saw timeline before, Saw V makes it a million times worse (if the Saw storyline was in a snow globe, Hackl has just shaken it very vigorously!). If you leave the theatre as confused as I was, see this link (thanks to who made this!). Be warned, unless you have seen all five of the films you will get SPOILERS!: All in all, a good-ish film - but I say that as a die-hard fan. If you're not that bothered about Saw, I wouldn't waste your money. 6/10

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