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Ben Thomas (Will Smith) causes a car crash that leaves seven people dead, in an effort to liberate himself from his guilty conscience, he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice.



Seven names, seven strangers, one secret.


Ben Thomas: 'In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine.'


Ben Thomas (Will Smith), an IRS employee, causes a car crash that leaves seven people dead, including his fiancée. In a struggle for redemption, Ben searches for people whose life he can improve, but finding deserving candidates is not easy.

First Ben donates a lung lobe to his brother, as he is battling lung cancer. He then continues to donate a kidney, bone marrow, and part of his liver.

Walking around, considerably lighter than before, Ben then asks the recipient of his liver (a child services worker) if she knows of anyone that needs help, she suggest a woman named Connie Tepos.

Tepos, abused by her boyfriend and struggling to raise her two children is reluctant to talk to Ben at first, but after Ben explains the situation to her, he gives her his beach house, while him and his pet box jellyfish, go and live in a motel.

With two more donations to make before Ben has a clear conscience, he befriends a woman named Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson), who has a dangerous heart condition and a rare blood type. He also finds his last recipient – Ezra Turner (Woody Harrelson), a blind salesman.

However after becoming emotionally attached to Emily, Ben begins to struggle to see through his mission.

Written by: Kieran Mallon

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
January 16th 2009
UK DVD release
May 25th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009

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