Sex/Life In L.A.

Sex/Life In L.A.


Sex/Life In L.A. review

Film description

Sizzling sex documentary Sex Life in LA consists of two feature-length exposés that turn a stark and honest eye on the sex industry in Los Angeles. It compares and contrasts the lives of three retired porn actors with three young, up-and-coming adult stars. Driven by a sense of adventure and narcissism, it incisively tracks the fortunes of big-name centrefolds, needy hustlers, enterprising rent boys, and a cabal of gay actors who live in an apartment fitted with web cams. Director Jochen Hick, who spent years infiltrating the highly secretive pornography industry in the Hollywood hills, pulls no punches and offers a unique insight into a world people do not normally see.

Release Dates

UK DVD release
April 19th 2010