Sons Of Cuba

Sons Of Cuba


Sons Of Cuba review

Film description

A look at the world of child boxing in Cuba - where training starts at just 9 years old

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
March 19th 2010
UK DVD release
September 20th 2010


    • DRoberts

      Mar 25th 2010, 19:45

      Pulls No Punches! 'Sons of Cuba' is surprisingly director Andrew Lang's d├ębut. Surprising because it maturely explores the shaky Cuban regime through the eyes of three young Cuban boxers without romanticising their lives or Cuba. Lang apparently gained unprecedented access to the Havana boxing club by working with a Cuban film crew. This shows through in the conflicting emotions of the boys caught on film. The tears after they are pushed harder in training, the joy of winning fights, the care free playing in their dorms and the seriousness with which they watch the televised announcement of Castro's ill health all highlight the conflict in these boy's lives in and out of the ring. This empathetic yet unflinching portrayal, set within a historically critical setting, also benefits from superbly paced editing and a great sound track. Everything a great documentary should be!

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