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Southland Tales


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Richard Kelly's befuddling second feature.

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UK DVD release
March 31st 2008
UK Blu-ray release
May 7th 2012

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    • VerticalGunn

      Jan 11th 2009, 20:36

      After Richard Kelly's beautiful directorial debut, I had to see 'Southland Tales'. I am a huge fan of Seann William Scott, Dwayne Johnson, and Holmes Osborne, so I thought I was in for a surprise. And actually, I was. The movie is very well put together, abstract, and it has a mind-bending plot. Some people say the movie was stupid because they 'didn't understand the plot' or 'it made no sense'. To me, it made perfect sense. I don't know why nobody understands it. The movie was very good and is now one of my favorite movies.

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