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UK Cinema release
June 15th 2007
UK DVD release
October 5th 2007


    • ParagraphFilms

      Mar 17th 2010, 18:28

      At over 2 hours long I thought the film would drag a bit but as the story twists and turns it’s fairly edge-of-your-seat cinema that keeps you watching – the biggest problem was that, by the end, the twist-o-rama gets pretty confusing. Another minor downside is the presence of so many similar-looking women that it’s all a bit confusing in the middle of the film. The acting’s superb, given that there are no French heavyweights in the cast and the overall look and feel are very realistic. Ultimately, a very good piece of cinema… should go down well with anyone that likes a good film. Score: 8/10 [Link removed - please don't spam your own blog]

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