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Lori is an audacious but naive teen who's endured years of abuse from her mother's conveyor belt of boyfriends. She's developed an unhealthy obsession with Eric Poole, a high school student who was sent to prison for killing his parents and after hearing that the murderer is to be released, Lori runs away to find him.

Meanwhile, washed-out cop Lt Cristofuoro is convinced that Eric will kill again and follows the boy as he sets out on a road trip. But Eric isn't alone. He's none-too-pleased when he discovers Lori hiding out in the back of his car and becomes increasingly agitated with her as their journey continues. With time running out, Cristofuoro must try and apprehend his quarry and save the infatuated girl before Eric's homicidal urges bubble to the surface.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
June 26th 2009
UK DVD release
April 26th 2010