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The machines return

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UK Cinema release
June 3rd 2009
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November 23rd 2009

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    • garysimps

      Jan 14th 2009, 12:48

      really rally want to be excited about this film but am still haunted by the rubbish that was t3. bale can't carry an entire film on his shoulders although kudos for him taking on this role. and was was fiedel not chosen to compose? they had better have the original score......

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    • sickchainey

      Mar 12th 2009, 2:28

      You obveously never saw "American Psycho". Bale is the man and I'm sure this movie will be better than T3. No 60 year old governor's in this installment. The whole machine thinking it is human makes me want to see this even more. Never seen anything like it. Hope it a great film.

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    • dholleyuk

      Mar 13th 2009, 12:45

      I just think they could have moved away from a "robot" helping a human save the day against more "robots" that we have seen in 2/3 and now 4, yawn

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    • girlface

      Mar 16th 2009, 19:00

      anyone know if they have signed Bale for all 3 films? [i heard there is going to be 3] as I cannot stand the constant changing of actors for John Connor ! think the best by far was Edward Furlong and was well gutted when he didnt do T3, but then when i watched i thought well im not suprised he didnt wanna do that garbage !

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    • dholleyuk

      Mar 20th 2009, 13:21

      "Bale is the man and I'm sure this movie will be better than T3" Please it doesnt matter how good one actor is the movie can still fail due to 1. Bad story 2. lack of thought to past stories 3. the public knowing the "big money shots" before they see the film. 4. Machine thinking its human story = conflict which we know will happen and it will probabily end with a shot of him looking between John and another terminator for about a minute then killing the terminator followed by the lines "you need me". I really want this film to work and I hope I am wrong

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    • JamieS99

      Mar 30th 2009, 13:02

      I am really looking forward to watching this new istallment and so i will be watching it on the first day. Also i am looking forward to Bale because i think he is very capable to play this part.

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    • zeike

      May 20th 2009, 11:11

      come on total film why isnt the review online yet.....i'll tell you why, because warner bros wont allow it until they say so. take your head out of their a*s and be a proper film magazine

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    • matildajho

      May 26th 2009, 19:13

      its got quite a hi rating. But it looks a lot more realistic than all the other terminator films but then that's like batman tim Burton made them really silly and c**p but Chris Nolan made them alot more serious and better!

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    • ebuwa

      Jun 6th 2009, 23:26

      I just saw this film today and I have to say I was a bit disappointed, its totally over-rated, I'd give it ***. The storyline was abit weak and there was no depth to any of the characters!! If an actor has to carry a movie its saying something about the storyline. Christian Bale was alright but he has acted better in better films. Any actor could have played John Connor, but the movie has to be interesting and make the audience want more. I wouldn't bother watching anymore Termintor movies. I prefer 1 and 2!!

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    • cwhiting7

      Jun 11th 2009, 22:00

      Yeah I enjoyed this movie and I love the terminator series. There are a few flaws which have to be mentioned. I agree with a general consensus that the acting is occassionally rather wooden but despite Bale being criticised heavely for this, I think John Conner would be like that anyway. I think there is a lack of realism at the end because you have to consider that John Conner has strolled into skynet and after some initial conflict, with a great CGI Schwarzenegger cameo, he ends up fighting only one terminarot despite the fact they are fighting in a factory which is literally full of the things. I like the Marcus character alot but I can't work out whether he was designed before or after the T-800 because I would have thought that Marcus was an upgrade from the T-800 because he has thoughts and heart which make him better at infiltration than the wooden 'Arnie' model, yet it seems that he was made before this which is a little confusing. What also screws with your head is the idea that what happens in the future affects the past which then affects the future if that makes sense. In other words it is even more unrealistic than doctor who to suggest that kyle reese is born in the future to have a destiny in the past which in turn leads to the birth of john conner who has a destiny in the future. Anyway I suppose we have to take it with a pinch of salt. So I think what they are saying is that the future affects the past as well as vice versa. Anyway good movie but there was something unfulfilling about it when you consider the might of T2. I also sincerely missed the original Terminator theme by Brad Fiedel. All we got was an overuse of the dramatic drum theme (da da da d-da) and it never went into the melody of that classic tune which would have just lifted the film. So many underestimate the importance of a film score. Anyway watch it though because it's is quite good. Be warned if you're in a good sound system cinema becuase there are lots of jumpy moments early on. Great stuff.

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    • ShaunS

      Jul 2nd 2009, 3:17

      This movie is very poor. It is a lesson to all that while the first in a series of movies can be great, number 2 will be okay but 3 and 4 are unlikely to live up to the reputation of the first. I rate this is the worst film I have seen this year. Utter rubbish which relies on the loyalty of the early fans to generate money. Cinemas should have a refund policy. This was a complete waste of 2 hours of my life. I want my money back.

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    • flashdancer

      Jul 21st 2009, 14:48

      I have never wanted a film to end so badly, it was absolutely rubbish. The ending was most disappointing of all although I did enjoy the Arnie cameo. Seriously though, without mentioning spoilers too much... the entire heart 'thing' from Arnie to end... wasn't that just too lazy and ridiculous or was that just me? A weak, and abissmal effort. Bale was completely wrong for the part and as much as I have rooted for Conner to survive in the past, I found myself hoping Bale would get blown to smithereens. I won't be holding my breath for anymore - this has completely destroyed my love for the Terminator genre. I will say though... Anton Yelchin was a good choice and probably the only good thing about the whole film.

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