That’s My Boy (TV Series)

That’s My Boy (TV Series)


That’s My Boy (TV Series) review

Film description

Sitcom legend Mollie Sugden (Are You Being Served?) stars as Ida Willis, a fear-inspiring housekeeper who finds herself in a rather unusual situation when she goes to work for doctor Robert Price and his model wife, Angie: having moved into the couple's London flat, she gradually realises that Robert is, in fact, the son she gave up for adoption as a baby. Once she's got over the shock, Ida starts to make her maternal presence felt, and Robert's adoptive mother finds that she suddenly has some very unwelcome competition... Written by Pam Valentine and Michael Ashton (You're Only Young Twice), That's My Boy was an enduring success for Yorkshire Television, running for five series and two specials between 1981 and 1986. This release contains the complete second series, first screened in 1983.

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UK DVD release
January 24th 2011