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The Amityville Horror


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UK DVD release
January 1st 2005



    • LukasD

      May 27th 2010, 5:14

      If your into horror. stories I'm sure you are no unfamiliar person to the Amityville Horror. Robert DeFeo Jr. killed his mother and father and brothers and sisters is the basic plot of the story. The main reason I tell you this is to lead the way into his house, currently for sale. A year after the murders a family bought the house and left shortly after buying it saying that the house was haunted or possessed. Anybody interested in the tale has stopped by this house when they were in the city for several years now. Though the present owner who is marketing it says he has lived there for over a decade and has never had any peculiar occurrences at all. So then did the prior owners just let their imaginations obtain the best of them, or is the present owner lying to sell the property? In either case this is beautiful ocean front property.

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