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Hilarity ensues when Val, son of a Gay couple, announces that he is getting married to Barbra, daughter of a right-wing conservative Senator.



Come as you are.


'Maybe, I’m just an old-fashioned girl, but I pity the woman who’s too busy to take care of her man.'

'This’ is my mother!'

Armand: 'There! We are partners. You own half of my life and I own half of yours.'
Albert: 'Half of the club?'
Armand: 'What does it matter? Take it. Take it all. I’m 50 years old, there is only one place I call home and that’s because you are in it. So, what does it matter if I say you can stay or you say I can stay?'


Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) is a flashy, gay owner of drag club, The Birdcage, where “Ms.” Albert (Nathan Lane) is the star and Armand’s long term partner.

When Val, Armand’s son from a heterosexual fling, arrives with an announcement that he is engaged to Barbra, daughter of a right-wing conservative Senator Kevin Keeley, the family is reluctantly excited about it.

Senator Keeley is a vice-president for the Committee of Moral Order, and is openly critical of Jews and homosexuals among others – all the things the Goldmans stand for.

Afraid that they may oppose the marriage, Barbra lies that the Goldmans are the 'Colemans' – and that Armand is a cultural attaché to Greece, and his wife a housewife.

More problems arise when Senator Jackson, Keeley's political colleague and president of Moral Order, is found dead in bed with an under-age prostitute.

To prevent the media from influencing their relationship, the Keeleys decide to visit the 'Colemans' and clear the matter.

Adding to woes, Val thinks that Albert should not be present during the visit, but his 'real' mother should, a statement not lightly taken by Albert who decides to put his female-impersonating skills to good use. by pretending to be Val's mother.

So begins a visit to the Goldman home that none of them will ever forget...

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