The Carrier

The Carrier


Film description

In A Nutshell:

When a monster attacks Jake Spear, he's infected with a disease that turns any inanimate object he touches into a body-melting weapon, which quickly turns his small town into a war zone.



One touch and you're gone!


Townsfolk: 'Cats or death!'

Parent: 'Get the children and cats inside.'


When outcast teenager Jake Spear (Gregory Fortescue) is attacked by a weird creature in the woods, his life is changed forever.

The creature - nicknamed "The Black Thing" - infects Jake with a disease that makes him unwittingly transform any object he touches into a deadly weapon which instantly melts anyone who comes into contact with it.

Before he realises what's happening he's infected so many objects that slow, painful and gruesome deaths are breaking out all over the small town in which he lives.

The townsfolk panic, covering themselves in garbage bags and weird material in a misguided attempt to protect themselves from infected objects.

In fact, they cover themselves so completely that around halfway through the film it's almost impossible to tell any of the cast apart.

Then the townsfolk decide that cats are the best method for testing infected objects.

Soon, cats have become more precious to the townsfolk than gold or money, and a cat-based civil war breaks out.


Written: Sam Ashurst