The Children

The Children


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    • Andrewh

      Dec 16th 2008, 21:58

      Fancying something to get me in the festive mood, I decided to catch the latest from WAZ director Tom Shankland. 'The Children' is centred around a family get-together over the Christmas period in a secluded spot by the woods. All goes well until the aforementioned children begin to feel a little... off colour, proceeding to dispatch of the elders. The plot burns away slowly, building suspense along the way whilst hinting that the kids aren't alright and there's something sinister about those woods. The performances from the child cast puts you on edge, especially the turn of William Howes' Paulie and the angst ridden goth Hannah Tointon. The film's main theme is survival and the lengths people are prepared to go to ensure their own. Although no real explanation as to what caused the 'virus' and the film's lack of closure leads to not only the possibility of a welcome sequel but also debate long after the kids have gone to bed.

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