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UK Cinema release
July 20th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
December 3rd 2012
UK Blu-ray release
September 30th 2013

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    • dogchasingcars

      May 13th 2009, 12:57

      personally in the 3rd movie I'd like to see Bane and Black mask, maybe even the charlatan or (the great white) shark and Jane Doe??? along with the introduction of Jean Paul Valley ready for the inevitible of when Bruce Wayne can know longer be Batman!!!! What do you think?

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    • DanielMcA

      May 12th 2010, 21:19

      I think his next enemy should reflect his status as a rich, parasitic sociopath. I think Batman's main battle in this third outing should be with OCD.

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    • DanielMcA

      May 12th 2010, 21:42

      Note to TF: "Coming Soon" shouldn't really include films that are 2 years off.

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    • rice36

      Jul 8th 2010, 17:43

      what about Talia al Ghul? Wouldn't that tie everything up, bringing it all back to the first in the series.

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    • BatmanOriginal

      Aug 18th 2010, 16:17

      Harley Quinn should be brought in because she wants to seek vengeance because Batman killed her lover (the joker) (technically since no one is replacing the joker he is either dead or in arkham) but she isn’t evil enough to do it by herself (because in the comics and the show her orders came from the joker) she needs an extra hand. (insert new villain here [preferably a chick]). And as much as I hate robin…(I think he should be called something less boyish like Night wing or something) batman will need help to take out more than one villin. and robin shouldnt be such a boy...i think he should be so dark that batman almost has to wonder if robin could be almost a villian to him too.

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    • BatmanOriginal

      Aug 18th 2010, 16:19

      i think that heath cant be replaced and we alrdy know that Nolan isnt going to do that. but couldnt the joker play a behind the scenes puppeteer?

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    • mutley

      Aug 20th 2010, 22:42

      how many batman films do we need

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    • ianphillips2

      Sep 2nd 2010, 19:08

      There isone person that can probably take up heath's role! Surprised Joseph Gordon Lovett has hardly ever been mentioned! Even if not.... he's a must for a part. There's nothing he can't do nowadays!

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    • garysimps

      Sep 3rd 2010, 17:14


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    • davidleach2000

      Sep 6th 2010, 15:17

      Definitely NOT Bane, what a dreadful idea. Which ever villain gets picked will be filtered through Nolan's vision and subtly changed accordingly. Plus, it will carry on where Dark Knight ended as well with Bats a hunted man.

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    • theoford27

      Sep 9th 2010, 18:31

      I really do like the idea of Harley Quinn to step in since she has never had a chance to be in a Batman movie especially with the fact that she, I believe, is an important character and with her in it leaves room to bring in Poison Ivy because they have this sort of partnership

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    • BatmanOriginal

      Oct 5th 2010, 4:32

      id have to look it up but I know harley quinn cant be a villen all her own...but i am pretty tired of all these damn male villians. but im sick of cat woman... poison ivy was alright...but they need someone new....hard part of someone new is that the new someone she would take all the light away from harley that would be bad. but on IMDB it has been a spoiler saying that the director is not bringing in ivy and the main villin is most likly going to be the riddler unfortunitly.

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    • EddieFelson

      Jan 31st 2012, 15:17

      davidleach2000 eat your words

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    • StevePotter

      Jun 25th 2012, 20:08


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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 12th 2012, 18:41

      FFS Davidleach2000 comment was over 2 years ago!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 12th 2012, 18:42

      ok.. almost 2 years..

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    • gonads86

      Jul 17th 2012, 17:24

      over in australia: 18th july 6.30pm- batman begins 18th july 9.15pm- the dark knight 19th july 12.01am- the dark knight rises suck on that b***hesss

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    • nishimaauluck

      Jul 18th 2012, 9:13

      25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Dark Knight Saga.

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    • tvboy

      Jul 21st 2012, 15:28

      Well Christopher Nolan had done it again. The third and last film in the Batman saga. I saw this film yesterday and ti was fab, great camera work and sfx and sound. Tom hardy as BANE is fantastic , really enjoyable and good to see some surprises in it. My favourite toy now is THE BAT watch the film to find out what i mean. well worth a watch 10/10 i would give this

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    • divyachopra

      Jul 24th 2012, 5:40

      nice movies, i love batman so much....

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    • chriscarter

      Aug 4th 2012, 21:44

      How could anyone find 50 good things about TDKR? The only good thing that would be made out of TDKR is if the studio made Nolan do the whole film over again! Where did it all go wrong.. have to say this is probably the worst and most boring film I've seen this year. The plot had more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Every cop getting trapped underground and then surfacing after months fit and healthy to charge headlong into a firing squad of baddies.. and win..WTF?????? Bruce Wayne miraculously curing himself from spinal injury, climbing out of pit on the advice of a myopic loony and then somehow..somehow he manages to get back to Gotham (which I might add has been cut off from the outside) with no money, no identification, no passport, no clunky bat plane.. absolutely stupid!!!! Batman was mostly absent and when he did show up there where none of the usual gadgets or exciting fight/action scenes. The bat-plane had all the style and grace of a tank with a propeller. Bane was hard to understand audibly and lacked all the menace and scares of the Joker. Frankly I could go on all day about how terrible a film TDKR was.. and trust me.. no one is more gutted than me after being a huge fan of the first 2 films.

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