The Decline Of Western Civilisation

The Decline Of Western Civilisation


Film description

In A Nutshell:

Penelope Spheeris' cult classic doc follows a group of punk bands tearing up the LA live scene in 1979 / 1980.



Raise the black flag...


Darby Crash: 'It's scary out there. When we play we're right down there in the audience and there's a lot of creeps out there, and there's a lot of people who have grudges against us now too. So if I didn't get loaded, I wouldn't be able to do it.'

Exene Cervenka: 'I don't think of myself as a happy person, but I had fun tonight.'

Lee Ving: 'You can spit really good.'


Decline features interviews with legendary LA punk bands The Germs, X, Black Flag and more in the kitchens, living rooms and cupboards of their homes and squats - alongside footage of the bands tearing up bars and clubs with incendiary performances. 

Band interviews are mixed in with stirring talking heads from the punk kids who pay to see their heroes slurring incoherantly into broken mics, risking serious GBH from their pogoing pals in the process.

It captured the scene so successfully, the LA police banned it from cinemas after its opening weekend - now that's punk rock.

And stay tuned for the climax. When the appropriately named Fear are allowed back into a venue they'd previously been barred from for starting a riot, they decide to celebrate... by trying to start another riot.

Written: Sam Ashurst