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In a Nutshell: 

Mr Fox tries to live the straight, clean life... but can’t resist his thieving instincts.



His life is fantastic... his wife is fantastic... his neighbours, not so fantastic.


Mr. Fox: 'Why a fox? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? I'm saying this more as, like, existentialism, you know? Who am I? And how can a fox ever be happy without, you'll forgive the expression, a chicken in its teeth?'
Kylie: 'I don't know what you're talking about, but it sounds illegal.'

Mrs. Fox: 'You know, you really are... fantastic.'
Mr. Fox: 'I try.'


After a close call in a fox trap, Mr Fox (George Clooney) vows to his wife, Mrs Fox (Meryl Streep), that he will change his chicken stealing ways so that she and their unborn child will be safe.

Mr Fox becomes a newspaper columnist and moves into a new tree with his wife and son.

However, their new home is situated closely to the three farms owned by the most brutal farmers in the land; Walter Boggis, Nathan Bunce, and Franklin Bean.

Although Mr Fox has a beautiful wife and son, his new ways are not satisfying him and his new location stirs up old feelings.

Recruiting his friend Kylie (Wallace Wolodarksy), Mr Fox begins to steal produce from the three farms.

The farmers, aware that their old enemy has returned, camp out near the home of Mr Fox in an effort to destroy him.

They fail in their attempt, only managing to blow Mr Fox’s tail off.

A war between the two species soon commences as the farmers try and flood the animals out of their underground homes.

The farmers get hold of Mr Fox’s nephew Kristofferson in an attempt to lure Mr Fox into an ambush, but Mr Fox is clever and is always one step ahead.

He must now save his family and friends - while ultimately trying to destroy his human enemies - so he can go back to his normal life.

Written by: Charlotte Stear

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
October 23rd 2009
UK DVD release
March 1st 2010
UK Blu-ray release
March 1st 2010

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