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The Host (2013)


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Adapted from the novel by Stephenie Meyer (she of The Twilight Saga), The Host will be set in a world in which a parasitic alien race has invaded Earth, controlling the population by assuming mastery over their consciousness.

Not every human has succumbed however, and Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) plays Melanie Stryder, a young woman who becomes the 'host' for 'Wanda', an alien who begins to form a bond with Melanie.

With Gattaca director Andrew Niccol helming the movie (Meyer cites Gattaca as one of her favorite sci-fi films) and also starring Max (son of Jeremy) Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, and Frances Fisher, The Host has had its first official trailer released, and, following Comic-Con 2012, Niccol has treated us to some addition footage and a bit of further expositon.

The Host will open in the UK on 29 March 2013. Are you excited for its release? Or do the words Stephenie Meyer make you run in the opposite direction? Be sure to leave a comment and stick to this page for any further developments ahead of its release!

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
March 29th 2013
UK Blu-ray release
July 29th 2013

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