The Intruder (1986)

The Intruder (1986)


Film description

In a nutshell

Nerdy Stallone lookalike fights corruption and crime in the urban jungle.



They've beaten and tortured him. They've raped and killed his woman. They've made one big mistake. They didn't kill him.


Mr White: "Do you want me to lie you down on the floor? I can make you feel things you've never felt before."

Mr White: "Take him away boys and give him the blood red carpet treatment."

Rambu: " This is my private war. Leave it to me. Today will bring me justice or death."


Alex Trambuan is a lone vigilante. His friends call him Rambu, his enemies don't get chance to call him anything as he's too busy taking them down to pain town. 
Rambu (Peter O' Brian), who looks like Sylvester Stallone crossed with TV's Mr Muscle, decides enough is enough when a group of thugs beat up on a local woman.

After stomping them into the ground with the might of his fists, a lead pipe and a ball, he retires home to his wife.

Unfortunately he has incurred the wrath of local crime lord and ladies' man Mr White, who uses all his resources to take Rambu down.

Everything Rambu holds dear is taken away, and when it seems like all is lost Rambu rises up, grabs a red head band to keep his gorgeous locks in check, and sets out to deal some hard payback.

This is done the only way he knows how, shirtless and screaming a lot.

An epic battle ensues at Mr White's forest hideout involving rocket launchers, machine guns, and a bouncing ball flying furiously from Rambu's hands.

There can be only one winner here. His name is Rambu and you will remember his legacy of vengeance.

Written by: Brucewalken