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The Lovely Bones


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UK Cinema release
February 19th 2010
UK DVD release
June 28th 2010
UK Blu-ray release
June 28th 2010

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    • annunziato

      Jan 4th 2010, 21:07

      looks like this will be a good film. trailer was packed with emotion, tension and intensity. i feel confident that this will be quality

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    • macktan894

      Mar 21st 2010, 21:35

      Better read the book instead.

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    • irena

      Dec 2nd 2010, 13:44

      The makers of this film seem to have given slight thought to the psychology of teenage girls, less to the possibility that there is no heaven, and none at all to the likelihood that if there is one, it will not resemble a happy gathering of new Facebook friends.

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