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Set during Hollywood’s Golden era, an A-list screenwriter blacklisted on 'Suspicion of Communism' loses his memory, only to find himself.



Sometimes life comes into focus, one frame at a time.


Luke Trimble: 'When the bullies rise, the rest of us have to beat them back down whatever the cost. It's a simple idea, I suppose, but one worth giving everything for.'

Adele:” This is a free country and you can be a Communist if you want to be a Communist. Leaving that aside, if you're accused falsely you have a duty as well as a right to stand up and suggest they drop dead.”

Peter Appleton: “The First Amendment. It's what we're about, if we'd live up to it. It's part of the contract every citizen has here. Even though the Constitution and the *Bill of Rights*... are just pieces of paper with signatures on them... they're the only contracts that we have that are definitely not subject... to renegotiation. Not by you, Mr. Chairman. And not by you, Mr. Clyde.”


Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) is an A-list Hollywood Screenwriter during the 1950’s with a famous actress for a girlfriend, two movies in the pipeline and a major career in Hollywood ahead of him, until he is blacklisted from Hollywood Studios, on FBI’s suspicion of communism.

Disillusioned and in despair, he goes on a drive and meets with an accident on a bridge crashing into a river below.

The town of Lawson, CA, has paid an ultimate price, losing many of its youngsters, in WWII.

When he is washed up on the shores on of Lawson, bloodied and bruised, with no idea of his identity or what happened to him, Peter is taken in by elderly gentleman, the owner of town’s theater The Majestic, who mistakes Peter to be Luke, his son who went missing in the war.

Here, surrounded by Luke’s family, friends and loved ones, Peter slowly and unconsciously begins to take on Luke’s identity and starts changing his own ideas about life and courage.

In losing his memory, Peter Appleton finds himself and the town of Lawson gains its lost son…

Written by: Vianca

Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 24th 2002
UK DVD release
November 1st 2002