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A mysterious mist descends upon a small American town and reveals the true nature of its inhabitants.



Fear Changes Everything.


“You kiddin'? They could whip up some bad Photoshop poster in an afternoon. They do it all the time, two big heads.”

“He's a fucking kid. He's supposed to be stupid. What's your excuse?”


The morning after a heavy storm, a dense mist descends on a small American town.

Collecting supplies in the local supermarket, David Drayton and his young son soon find themselves trapped alongside an assortment of local characters when the mist lands on the town and reduces visibility

It soon becomes clear that numerous otherworldly and unfriendly creatures are lurking within it.

As the tension rises and the creature attacks worsen, the small-town society begins to collapse.

The store is soon split between two camps, one led by David, and the other by the God-fearing Mrs Carmody, whose ‘end of days’ sermonising only exacerbates the situation.

As things reach a head within the store, it soon becomes clear to David that their only chance for survival is to try and escape the town. But what hope is there, out there, in The Mist?

Written by: Fortunesfool

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
July 4th 2008
UK DVD release
October 24th 2008
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009



    • balearicbayes

      Mar 12th 2009, 17:01

      I thought everything about this film was dire!! I was expecting great things considering it was directed by Shawshank/green mile director Frank Darabont, however i was sorely disappointed!!! The script sucked, the CGI was abyssmal and the characters were your typical small town american cliches. Handsome male lead, crazy religious nutter, geeky shop worker, biker boy, prejudiced country hick and ballsy blonde. The thing that annoyed me the most was the mad bible botherer who, in the space of about 24 hours started up her own cult when people started to lose hope and the plot. I'd have smacked her in the mouth the minute she started preaching and I was actually relieved when she was shot!!! I found the ending a tad unsettling, the main lead seemed a bit too trigger happy for my liking and then lo and behold the army arrive through the mist, not the giant bug alien things!! What a shocker!!! By the end of this very long film I was just like "so what!"

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