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UK Cinema release
June 25th 2004
UK DVD release
January 31st 2005

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    • adamp

      Dec 28th 2009, 16:02

      I’m sorry anyone who rates two stars needs their head examined or their heart melting. I just watch this for the first time, and I do not usually look for other reviews but I felt in this case I needed to. It hasn't gained any good reviews officially but computer users looking on sites have commented and given it 5 stars with a 90% majority. I think this kind of stats is more like. The acting is brilliant direction is brilliant, yes the story in essence isn’t unique but I feel it’s the encompassing piece of a love story of the undying kind. The ending of the story is the hardest thing to write and there can be no such a better ending to what is in this film. How they do not die out of love, through the woman’s dementia, but in love together. Perfect.

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