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Writer Jack Torrance takes his family to a desolate hotel for the winter, but the isolation, paranoia and even a hostile supernatural force threatens to drive him and his family apart.

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UK Cinema release
May 23rd 1980
UK Cinema release
November 2nd 2012
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009

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    • ClockworkOwen17

      Jun 2nd 2009, 19:35

      Having read the book aswell as watched the film, they do differ alot. In the book, there are garden creatures Jack attends to and they later come alive and try to attack. Also, Jack attacks Wendy and Danny with a rogue mallet, unlike the film in which he attacks with a axe. The book also goes into alot more detail and talks alot more about when they were happy together at the beginning of thier stay and lets the reader into alot more when Danny is at home with his mum waiting for Jack to return from the Overlook. Kubrick may of made certain changes due to personal opinon or more likely, it was all down to budget. Although the book does differ alot from the film, the film itself is still up there in my top 5. A film that I will never get bored with and never stop watching even though those creepy twins still give me the creeps.

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