The Thing (2011)

The Thing (2011)


The Thing (2011) review

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A prequel to John Carpenter's sci-fi horror classic, as we find out what happened on that research base in Antarctica before the events of the 1982 movie.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
December 2nd 2011
UK Blu-ray release
March 26th 2012

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    • FBALyta

      Nov 12th 2011, 20:52

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    • realrain

      Nov 22nd 2011, 14:15

      really? wtf they have 2 rape & pilage my 2 fav. horror films (this and Evil Dead) - what next - a remake of The Shining - Oh wait, that happened (horribly). Dawn of the Dead remake was great - an exception to the rule - Stop F*****g with classic horrors you unimaginative lazy wrongmongers!!

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