The Twilight Saga - New Moon

The Twilight Saga - New Moon


The Twilight Saga - New Moon review

Film description

The continuing adventures of Edward and Bella as they face werewolves.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
November 20th 2009
UK DVD release
March 22nd 2010
UK Blu-ray release
March 22nd 2010

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    • kindredvampyre

      May 12th 2009, 10:44

      aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i dont get it. why since Rob is BRITISH even don't you have more info on him? there should be VOLUMES about him on your site lol. sadly New Moon is wrapping up in Vancouver very soon. i actually do love your magazine. back when i was into angelina jolie i bought it all the time. Brits do it best lol. HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY ~ ROBERT PATTINSON ONLY 2 DAYS TIL MAY 13, 2009

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    • twilightrocks

      May 12th 2009, 20:26

      woop woop twilight rocks my socks! happy birthday rob! cant wait for november!

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    • HeatherSwift17

      Jul 19th 2009, 16:56

      I love twilight, cant wait for New Moon to come out yay

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    • jjsteel2009

      Nov 30th 2009, 23:49

      I loved the latest installment in the Twilight Saga. I just recently moved to Toronto, Ontario and when I found out it was coming out I had to find someone to see this movie with. My work colleague recommended that I join this new online dating site called I joined it about a month or so ago and last week I found a great date and we went to see the new Twilight New Moon movie. It was Fantastic! I will recommend this site and the new Twilight Movie. JJ

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    • Vampyre

      Dec 1st 2009, 13:54

      I am literally sickened by the twilight "fan boys" commenting on a film they havent even seen. The first film was even duller the god awful book the blasted woman released. So much teenage angst, it really does make you want to wretch, get a proper story line. If you want a proper vampire book, read bram stoker, poppy z brite, anne rice, brian lumley. do not settle for this shoddy bulls plop. oh and by the way robert pattinson, is more wooden than a tree who has just won the woody the woodeist tree competion for a staggering 5th year in a row. I urge the above comment leavers to look back when they reach 16 and cringe at their fauning.

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    • caterpillareff

      Dec 14th 2009, 22:57

      To be honest, I expected this to be bad but not THIS bad. [Link removed. Please don't spam your own site/blog].

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    • 06traskm

      Dec 20th 2009, 16:23

      I honetsly could not care less about anything to do with the c**p they call "The Twilight Saga". Both films are full of bad acting, crappy and pointless scenes, underwhelming action and very, very, very boring story. The films are worse than the crappy books and Robert Pattersons actiong sometimes resorts to being desperate.

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    • Matt164

      May 3rd 2010, 20:53

      This was possibly the worst film i have ever seen. it was practically begging for lsughs yet only got one from me - the CGI of the wolves...

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