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Wolverine is back, and this time it looks more like a reboot than a sequel.

The first X-Men Origins: Wolverine received a critical pasting, and it seems that this time round Fox are steering away from the first preview and reinventing Wolverine, in this ‘sequel,’ by basing The Wolverine on the 1982 story arc found in the comics written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback have written a script that received a thumbs-up from Hugh Jackman. The Wolverine will take Logan/Wolverine to Japan where he will train with the Silver Warrior (Will Yun Lee).

Not much else is known about the script yet, but in the comics Wolverine falls in love with a Japanese woman, who has been set up for an arranged marriage with an abusive man. Wolverine saves her, but must fight with her father and brothers in order to be with her.

James Mangold is set to direct this adaptation, after Darren Aronofsky had to drop out. Jessica Biel has also been in discussions to play Viper, a villain with a complicated relationship with Logan in the comics.

With The Wolverine set to open on 26 July 2012, can Jackman pull an ace out of his sleeve for this one? Drop us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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UK Cinema release
July 25th 2013
UK Cinema release
UK Blu-ray release
November 18th 2013
US Cinema release
July 26th 2013

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    • rmcmillen01

      Apr 19th 2013, 16:12

      This could end well..... but as we saw in the case of the first "Wolverine", it probably won't. Actually it will probably end up with this movie In the same category as those movies I had in mind when writing "A Call To Arms...Sort of" on Hub Pages ........ I hope not, but I am pretty sure they will find a way to mess this up.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 1st 2013, 22:19

      He sounds nails until you remember he's named after a Ferret.

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