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Karen Meagher and Reece Dinsdale star in Threads, a political drama that examines the obvious dangers of atomic war. Mick Jackson's faux-documentary from 1984 imagines how England fares if the Cold War turns sour.

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UK DVD release
September 5th 2005



    • paolopicasso34

      Jul 13th 2010, 0:07

      Purely dark and powerful. I was first shown this at school during the first Gulf war when I was about 14. For the first 45 mins, myself and my mates ripped it to pieces for its early 80's look and dialogue. Then they dropped the bomb and the laughing stopped. Some girls had to leave the room. I didnt sleep well after seeing it as I thought Saddam might bomb us. Still watchable after all these years though. Still grim till the end. 4 Stars.

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