Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction


Transformers: Age of Extinction review

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Following Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’s billion dollar box-office takings, the Autobots are set to roll out once more in an as yet untitled Transformers 4 in 2014.

T4 - as we'll dub it (not to be confused with the popular Channel 4 weekend show) - will see Michael Bay sit in the director’s chair again, armed with a script by Ehren Kruger, author of the two previous Transformers films.

Mark Wahlberg has also been hired as the lead protagonist, following on from his soon-to-be-released comedy collaboration with Bay, Pain And Gain.

Bay has already indicated the sequel will not be a reboot, with the film set to spend more time outside of its earthly bonds in space. Currently, there is no official plot synopsis or casting news aside from Wahlberg’s inclusion, but we do have the shiny new logo.

However, one can assume that Hugo Weaving won't return as Megatron, after he called his part in the Transformers saga "meaningless”.

Transformers 4 opens in the UK on 27 June 2014. With casting news and plot details aplenty still to come, bookmark this page for all your T4 updates.

Comment below to tell us if you’re excited for the next chapter in the Transformers saga.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
June 27th 2014
US Cinema release
June 27th 2014

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