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UK Cinema release
January 23rd 2008
UK DVD release
June 8th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009

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    • lordofthepies

      Jan 7th 2009, 19:20

      Bummer, just got my latest issue in the post, all revved up and just got the OK with the wife to go on the night it opens, 2 stars, i trust TF so i am staying in.

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    • lambophil

      Feb 9th 2009, 16:24

      I actually really disagree with this review. I'd give it 4/4.5 stars. Dude above you should have seen it, I like TF too, but they are not always right! I thought it was a really good film. Also, I really dont remember Stephen Fry in it... Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson were great though.

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    • HalliganRF

      Feb 19th 2009, 18:09

      I disagrree with the review given to valkyrie, as I felt that valkyrie was a film to be understood from an intellectuall point of view not a war film. I mean i like TF as much as anyone but i felt that valkyrie deserved 3.5-4 stars. It wasn't a sensational film but it was a film that I could watch again and enjoy it, now theres not that many films nowadays that you can say that about nowadays.The main problem with the film was that the picked Tom Cruse as one of the main characters I felt that they could have picked someone else to do the job better!

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    • light1997

      Feb 20th 2009, 18:33

      valkyrie was a very good movie it is not a war movie but a great attempt at telling a true story very well shot all great british cast and of course tom cruise well done great effort 4.5 stars

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    • LiamEB

      Feb 21st 2009, 17:07

      Okay, it's not as smart and pacy as you might think. But it's sure good at building up the tension. The downfall is that it's mostly slow and nothing is happening. After the explosion it is pretty good

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    • ELLC21

      Feb 28th 2009, 21:12

      Im glad other people have agreed with me on total films poor two star rating for Valkyrie. I posted a comment last January stating how really good the film was, it surely now demands a redux review total film.

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