Waterloo Road: Spring Term

Waterloo Road: Spring Term


Waterloo Road: Spring Term review

Film description

A new term with new tantrums, trials and temptations begins under the leadership of Head Teacher Rachel Mason and her Deputy Eddie Lawson. Their working relationship soon appears to have evolved into something more, along with the question as to whether they reveal it or keep it close to home. And could there be something more between teacher Tom Clarkson and the notorious Rose Kelly? Tom's partner Davina Shackleton seems to think so. Teacher Kim Campbell has returned from Rwanda and she's brought a new baby with her which seems to be attracting more than the usual attention. Steph Haydock, heart in the right place, is there to help but is that really a good idea? The classrooms are bursting with misguided energy as Janeece takes the influence of a glamour model a big bit too seriously; Chlo has to face any doubts she has about impending motherhood; and Earl Kelly has to risk everything if he's to prove his commitment to Flick Mellor after all. Trying to keep them in check, Teacher Matt Wilding has formed a school choir. Will they make music or mayhem? Another term at Waterloo Road, where so much can go wrong, and so much can go right.

Release Dates

UK DVD release
April 26th 2010