WWE Hell In A Cell 2010

WWE Hell In A Cell 2010


WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 review

Film description

The second annual WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view proved to be one of the watchable events for 2010. It was a event that showed some great matches with a major shock of John Cena becoming a new member of the Nexus.

Both Hell in a Cell matches were good in their own little way, with the Randy Orton Sheamus Hell in a Cell match being the best one out of the two that were shown.

John Cena vs Wade Barrett was perhaps the best match of the night, with both superstars giving it their best, with the WWE universe so into the match, they were in for a shock. John Cena is now the new member of the Nexus, which leads to the Nexus remaining in the WWE.

Overall WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 was a worthy and watchable event, with some good matches to watch and will recommend the match between John Cena and Wade Barrett.

Release Dates

UK DVD release
January 17th 2011