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In a nutshell:

The X-Men face their most dangerous adversary yet in the form of Colonel Stryker in Bryan Singer’s bigger, bolder and better follow-up.


Evolution continues.


Pyro: ‘You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about in the news? I’m the worst one.’

Jean Grey: ‘Mutation. It is the key to our evolution.’

Magneto: ‘A war is brewing…’


An assassination attempt on the President by teleporter Nightcrawler doesn’t do much good for human-mutant relations.

Gruff government operative Colonel Stryker uses the situation to his own advantage, taking the opportunity to engage his own personal vendetta against mutants by leading a military team to raid Xavier’s school.

All the while Wolverine is searching for his origins, and Magneto is seeking a means of escape from his metal-free incarceration…

Better On Blu-Ray:

Fox’s BonusView feature is put to fluid, entertaining use on all three films (which incorporate most of the extras released across myriad DVD releases) with interviews, behind-the-scenes gubbins and concept art all easily accessible during the movies via your remote’s colour buttons.

Every important player contributes, from Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner and Hugh Jackman on down, the comprehensive approach uniting the films and providing a common sense of depth, thought and creativity.

All three films also impress in 1080p, the effects augmented, the performances boosted and the molecule-deep cool oozing out of every freaky-deaky mutant moment amplified. X2 benefits the most, its literal and metaphorical darkness finally given cinematic subtlety at home.

‘Nightcrawler attacks the White House’

If ever a scene needs to be seen on Blu-ray... Bryan Singer’s mesmerising sequel opens with a BANG, as blue, fork-tailed teleporter Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) assaults the White House, vanishing and reappearing in crystal clear high definition.

His skin colour pops on Blu-ray and he damn near leaps out the screen as he zooms down corridors and ricochets off walls while the Secret Service’s bullets zip past. Steer clear of that tail – it cracks like a whip on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray extras:

•    Audio Commentary by Bryan Singer & Tom Sigel
•    Audio Commentary by Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris & David Hayter
•    Bonusview
•    Marvel Universe Trailers
•    Easter Eggs

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X-Men: First Class is released on 1 June 2011.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 3rd 2011
UK DVD release
November 10th 2003

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