X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


X-Men Origins: Wolverine review

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In a nutshell:

Mutant prequel explores Logan’s life before he became the coolest X-man.


Kayla: ‘You’re not an animal, Logan.’

Stryker: ‘Hunt him down.’

Remy LeBeau: ‘If I learnt anything about life, it's this: always play the hand you're dealt. My name is Gambit... and I play for keeps.’

Logan: ‘In my whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts, and I ignored what I really am. And that won't ever happen again.’


1845. As a young boy, James Logan unwittingly kills his father after his iconic claws manifest in a bout of mutant rage. He goes on the run with half-brother Victor Creed (AKA Sabretooth), and the pair fight in various wars across the next century (regenerative powers come in handy when it comes to slowing the aging process).

During the Vietnam War, the pair are put in front of a firing squad, only to be saved by a mysterious offer from General Stryker to join Team X, a band of mercenary mutants.

Wolvie grows suspicious of Stryker’s methods and goals, and leaves the team for a quiet life in Canada. Six years later he has settled down with Kayla Silverfox, but their happiness soon comes to an abrupt end…

Better on Blu-ray:

The HD picture and DTS-HD audio is as sharp as Wolverine’s Adamantium claws and thorough, engaging commentaries reveal the filmmakers’ bold vision of a faithful comic-book adaptation.

Taking advantage of the latest technology, director Gavin Hood also explains his motives in a selection of Picture-in-Picture features; this is also the first release to offer an IMDB look-up, ending “wasn’t he in...?” arguments forever.

‘The helicopter tussle’

This frankly bonkers sequence sees our hero hunched over a speeding motorbike, burning rubber. First he rakes his claws along a hurtling jeep, shredding metal, and then he catapults through the air to sink his talons into a buzzing military chopper.

Wolverine whips this way and that before punching through the windscreen and hurling his adversary out. Watched on Blu-ray, you hear every grunt, feel every punch and the flames burn so bright you’ll be reaching for your shades!

Blu-ray Extras:

•  Commentary by Director Gavin Hood
•  Commentary by Producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Ralph Winter
•  The Roots of Wolverine: A Conversation with Stan Lee & Len Wein
•  Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins
•  Weapon X Mutant Files (in 10 sections introducing the characters)
•  The Thrill of the Chase: The Helicopter Sequence
•  Ultimate X-Mode
•  X Connect
•  The Director's Chair
•  Pre-visualizing Wolverine
•  + BD Live (IMDB feature) and BD J (PiP and a quiz)

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X-Men: First Class is released on 1 June 2011.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 1st 2011
UK DVD release
October 19th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
October 19th 2009

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    • dholleyuk

      Mar 10th 2009, 12:56

      The trailer looks good but I have some worries - how much will be linked to Weapon X - if you think about it Xmen (set in the future of this film) he couldnt remember anything - if after the change (dont want to spoil it if people dont know how this happens) he knows of the project it would ruin Xmen & Xmen 2

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    • McGarr178

      Mar 15th 2009, 21:18

      Hi, I just wrote an article showing how Wolverines story is basically that of a shaman. Does anybody else agree? http://www.sidekickcomicsuk.com/blog...ine-the-shaman Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    • graham6

      Apr 9th 2009, 17:36

      This probably won't do maybe as well as some studios think, as loads of people have seen it on the internet. i still think it will be in the top 10 box office grosses of 2009, but I'm not sure if it will top X Men 3

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    • whereistheline

      Apr 17th 2009, 17:08

      I was dubious about this at first, but after seeing the trailer and finding out that my favourite X-Men will finally feature in a film, (Gambit) I can't wait. The trailer looks amazing and as long as it's better than the X-Men films then that'll be fine.

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    • gerardr59

      Apr 23rd 2009, 22:04

      i seen the movie and it is very good the gambit is only in for a while the last fight is amazing with wolverine and sabertooth vrs deadpool who is the ultimite mutant experament is awsome

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    • martincarmon1

      Apr 30th 2009, 16:07

      I went to see this film last night and it is amzing. If Hugh Jackman wanted to carry on doing the films then why dind't they recruite him for avengers. C'mon people what are you doing?!

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    • Mattsimus

      May 20th 2009, 21:59

      Well although its a bit of a shame to say that the movie is far from perfect, its def a step up from the last stand (ok not saying much), but this movie is a lot of fun even if some of the special fx are at times a little cheap looking(in front of mirror scene looking at his claws etc...)but its full of action, some great fight sequences and cool character introductions (Gambit, Deadpool) even if one of the best scenes is thanks to deadpool after he exits the lift......, for some reason you find yourself wanting just as much of deadpool as you do wolverine!You clearly cant take away any credit from mr Jackman as he has worked hard to hone and perfect an already ripped physique to conquer the physical perfection of a realistic wolverine not to mention the fact that he happens to be an excellent actor also. Its unfair to call the film forgetable as there are many great parts to it but for now lets get back to the full potential of the xmen and lookforward to future origins.

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    • ELLIS2000

      May 24th 2009, 11:40

      I watched the film last night and I wonder how people allow this type of film. Where to begin, the plot was horrendous, juggled about with too many characters twists to make the film blend together. Firstly the child acting and the where the story begins.... Pointless. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the style of Hayden Chistians Darth Vader LMAO, This is where i questioned the nature of this film. Thee casting was shoddy, However, Victor was good and Hugh well he is Wolverine. BUT!!!! Will.I.am????? Why is he in this film? I might as well have asked Lil Kim and flava flav to be in it as well. Not all of the actors were bad there were jsut pointless characters, Gambit, The Blob, Will.I.Am. They didn’t need to be in it. Tehy should have focussed on Wolverine and Sabretooth and made it about the anger they have for each other and mainly why Wolverine is so p****d. I do not feel that they pulled this off. Maybe to make it child friendly i do not know. There are many things wrong with this film. The incompetence on behalf of the director to allow the people who sat around the table and thought 'let’s put BIG MOMMAS HOUSE style effects in a boxing ring and have some fun with it'..... that will be SWEET!!! No....No it wont. This was nearly as bad as Tobey Maguire’s Emo poet dancing in Spiderman 3. Gambit running up the wall with his Staff, Juggling Cards, Using his Staff as a helicopter plus sound effects??? My god!! And how many times can they swing the characters on a crane and spin them around. You might as well have shown the straps. The cliche shots, walking away from explosions and walking into the sunset what’s that all about. Someone should be paid to sit and think things through and slap people who have c**p ideas. Think Batman and Robin. Picture it now..... Lets put batman on Ice skates. WTF!!! How are they not being told NO. I am grinding my teeth now in anger. They need to take a leaf out of Christopher Nolan and Zak Snyders book and think about making the movie awesome and about the characters themselves. I just cannot understand what was going on. For fans of wolverine to go see this movie and have a letdown angers me. It should have made you want to go see the next one like Transfomers and Batman begins , They make you want to see the next part this makes you think i have just flushed 5 of my English pounds into the toilet. Wolverine 2 (THINK THINGS THROUGH)

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    • matildajho

      May 27th 2009, 10:40

      lol nost of u hate the film

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    • Wrekit

      Jun 14th 2009, 0:19

      This is a monumental disappointment after the simply brilliant "Iron Man".

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    • izal169

      Jun 22nd 2009, 17:40

      I like a wolverine.. its cool.. on the movie..i like her action.. articles

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    • projectionist82

      Jun 19th 2011, 18:21

      the big disappointment with this film is that with Disney owning Marvel we are going to only get family friendly films,don't get me wrong i don't mind.....i'm a dad of two myself.However,Wolverine is my favourite comic character and this film should've been all out action and violence look at logan's past from the bone claws to the adamantium process....... come on film makers give us what we want!!!!!

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