X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand


X-Men: The Last Stand review

Film description

In a nutshell:

Humans and mutants stand on the brink of all-out war after a pharmaceutical company develops a drug with the power to suppress mutations.


Whose Side Will You Be On?


Magneto: ‘What have I done?’

Wolverine [to Jean Grey]: ‘Professor said you might be different.’

Wolverine: ‘I’m the only one who can stop her.’


Worthington Labs develops a drug with the ability to reverse mutants’ powers and make them ‘normal’. This drastic, divisive step splits the mutants, with Magneto raising an army to lead a revolution.

He recruits Jean Grey, who has rematerialised since her death, and now, as Phoenix, she’s the most powerful mutant of all, superseding even Professor X.

Wolverine and Cyclops are despondent over Jean’s passing, and Rogue is struggling to maintain her frosty relationship with Iceman, especially as love rival Kitty Pryde is coming of age.

With Professor X under threat, the X-Men face their largest scale challenge yet...

Better on Blu-Ray:

Fox’s BonusView feature is put to fluid, entertaining use on all three films (which incorporate most of the extras released across myriad DVD releases) with interviews, behind-the-scenes gubbins and concept art all easily accessible during the movies via your remote’s colour buttons.

Every important player contributes, from Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner and Hugh Jackman on down, the comprehensive approach uniting the films and providing a common sense of depth, thought and creativity.

All three films also impress in 1080p, the effects augmented, the performances boosted and the molecule-deep cool oozing out of every freaky-deaky mutant moment amplified.

‘The fall of the Golden Gate Bridge’

Who can forget Magneto tearing the Golden Gate Bridge out of its sockets to float it across the water towards Alcatraz? Thanks to Blu-ray we hear every rivet screech, every bolt pop and feel the whistling whip of every wire.

“Charles always wanted to build bridges,” mutters Magneto as tourists scatter. Chances are you’ll be going nowhere, nailed to your seat as a seminal set piece just got even more seismic.

Blu-ray Extras:

•    Director & Writers Commentary with Brett Ratner, Simon Kinberg & Zack Penn
•    Producer Commentary with Avi Arad, Lauren Schuler Donner & Ralph Winter
•    Bonusview
•    Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
•    Easter Eggs
•    Marvel Universe Trailers

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X-Men: First Class is released on 1 June 2011.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 2nd 2011
UK DVD release
December 26th 2006
UK Blu-ray release
August 13th 2009
UK Blu-ray release
May 5th 2014

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